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June 7, 2013

Eagle 6/8/13

Remember to use your free passes from May 25 to get free admission this Saturday.  
May 25, 2013

Eagle cancelled

Eagle has cancelled for the 25th but the free tickets will be good for June 8.  
May 24, 2013

Mini E results 5/25

Cade would run 2nd and 3rd in his heat and finish 5th after getting caught in an early crash and going to the rear 3 times after challenging for the lead with twp laps to go 
May 18, 2013

Eagle 5/18

The 44 machine would dnf after left front brake problems for the night finishing 17th.  
May 17, 2013

Mini E 5/17

Cade would finish 2nd and 1st in his heats and finish a strong 3rd after fouling his spark plug at middle of the feature. 
In the heat race we would be in the lead after starting 3rd and break a front panhard bar after running through a rut on the track. This would start us 17th in the 'A' feature. We  
May 10, 2013

Mini E results

Cade would win his first heat and run third in his second heat, starting him third for the feature with 12 karts starting the 'A' . Cade would run fourth for a short time before ta 
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