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In the heat race we would be in the lead after starting 3rd and break a front panhard bar after running through a rut on the track. This would start us 17th in the 'A' feature. We  
May 10, 2013

Mini E results

Cade would win his first heat and run third in his second heat, starting him third for the feature with 12 karts starting the 'A' . Cade would run fourth for a short time before ta 
The 44 machine would start last row in the 2nd heat and charge to 2nd at the finish. I the A feature we were running a solid 2nd and hook a rut 5 laps into the race bending steerin 
April 27, 2013

Mini E 4/26/13 results

Cade would finish 3rd and 1st in his heats. in the feature the throttle cable would break early and end his strong run. 
After a good day of testing the team preps for the $1000 to win Ice Breaker. The team worked on the mechanical side and now is focused on set ups. 
April 3, 2013

news updates 4-3

The team has been ultra busy prepping the car for testing April 6th at Eagle Raceway 
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